Collection agencies are businesses that collect past due bills and accounts for other persons or businesses. Collection agencies are essential third parties in a business transaction. Often, creditors are uncomfortable asking for money that is legitimately due them. At the same time, consumers may be uncomfortable because circumstances have brought them to a point where they have been unable to pay those accounts. Collection agents are the bridge between the creditor and the consumer.

A professional collection agent makes a business transaction easier for both parties involved.

If you are contacted by a collection agency, respond as soon as possible. If you are unable to pay the entire amount due at one time, most professional agencies will offer you payment arrangements. If you do not owe the bill, or if the bill has already been paid, send the agency a written explanation along with copies of receipts, cancelled checks and any other information to back up your claim. If you are questioning only a part of the debt, we suggest that you make arrangements to pay the rest of the debt.

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