Our Services

@At Client Services™

Collection Service of Nevada offers you access to the accounts you assign for collection, secure, and over the web. Clients may inquire as to account status and payment history, send collectors messages relating to a particular account, and even view recovery percentages, actuaries, and other management reports. If you wish, you may enter new accounts for collection and report payments online.

There is no charge for CSN's @Client Services product. Each employee in your facility has individual password access, and your information is password protected and encrypted for complete security and compliance with all privacy laws.

Regular Collection

If there is no collection, there is no charge. Collection Service of Nevada keeps a portion of monies collected.

Credit Reporting

Credit reporting furnished on most accounts at no additional charge.


If regular collection does not yield a result, CSN will often file suit on your debts with your permission. Collection Service of Nevada will pay all court costs and attorney fees involved and will handle the case for you in court. If there is no collection, there is no charge.


If your consumer leaves Nevada, Collection Service of Nevada has the ability to send your account to one of our affiliates in the area where the consumer relocated.


Collection Service of Nevada will take all legal steps available to relocate your consumer if he or she "skips". All investigations and/or services of process are accomplished by persons retained by CSN who are licensed in the State of Nevada for those services.

Technologies & Security

Accounts may be referred to Collection Service of Nevada electronically or on paper, as best fits your needs. Similarly, you may receive reports and remittances electronically or on paper. CSN uses state-of-the art encryption and computer security to ensure that client information is kept confidential. All Collection Service of Nevada employees are required, upon hiring, to sign a confidentiality agreement. When accessing accounts over the internet, a creditor must enter an account code and password that restricts their access to their own information and does not allow them to view the information of any other creditor.

Consulting & Training

Collection Service of Nevada will advise and train you and your staff on questions and procedures relating to receivables, bad debt, litigation, and federal and state collection laws. You may also ask us for help on telephone techniques, patient or client information review, requirements under HIPAA as relating to receivables, and the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

Initial Set Up Fee

Unlike some of our competitors, Collection Service of Nevada charges NO initial set-up fee!

Runner & Delivery Service

CSN's Client Services Staff will be happy to visit your office to pick up accounts, deliver remittances, train your staff on accessing your accounts on our system over the internet, and answer your questions. Our trademark is customized, personal service tailored to our clients' needs.


A wide variety of reporting is available to Collection Service of Nevada clients, including Remittance Reports, Actuaries, Status Reports, Activity Reports, Performance Reports, and Aging and Balance Reports. In addition, CSN will customize and e-mail, fax, deliver, or mail any report requested by a client.